20 Most Promising Home Automation Solution Providers - 2019

20 Most Promising Home Automation Solution Providers - 2019

Today, Smart Homes that enable the remote monitoring and management of home appliances and systems through interconnected devices have become an integral part of our daily lives. Smart Home Automation provides comfort, security to house owners by giving them full remote control over the home. Advancements in the field of technology have resulted in more interconnected devices and solutions enhancing the safety and security of inhabitants. The application of IoT in home automation is bridging the gap between human and his home by keeping him informed thereby adding value to the homes. AI-powered Home automation solutions that can be integrated with devices like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa provide voice based access and control across all home appliances helping to improve the energy efficiency. However, home automation systems have failed to enter mainstream due to their technical complexity and expensive deployment costs. So, smart home automation solution providers are working on to reduce the complexity and improve the user experience.

Helping stakeholders to choose the right vendor to work with, CIOReviewIndia proffers a list of “20 Most Promising Home Automation Solution Providers - 2019”. This compact list displays an inventory of skilled vendors with an industry rich experience, technically adept teams and a proven track record. A panel consisting of prominent CEOs, CIOs, industry analysts and CIOReviewIndia editorial team has meticulously researched and locked down on the final 20 vendors who we firmly believe can transform the Indian Home Automation landscape providing better safety and security.

We present to you CIOTechOutlook 20 Most Promising Home Automation Solution Providers - 2019.

Top Home Automation Solution Providers

Cover Story
Company Name Company Description
Babbler Group Offers Smart home Installations like HVAC Control, Motorized Curtain Control, Smart Home Theatre, and Coworking space
Company Name Company Description
Alertcom Labs Provides wired and wireless solutions for building/home automation - FIBER/FTTH, Lighting Automation, Curtain/ Blind Control, HVAC Systems Integration, Energy Metering & Management, etc.
Amour Automation Offers automation solutions, removing all the hassles of installing additional hardware like CAT6 wiring, transponders, smart hubs, local data center etc
Avans Offers Home Automation solution like Wired KNX Automation, Wireless Retrofit In-switch and Touch Panel Modules.
Avenir Offers Home Automation Solution which can be managed centrally, having voice assistance feature, with customized user interface.
Casero Technologies Provides Homes with Home Cinemas, Gate Automation and Security Systems.
DWOSA Automation Enables home automation through Smart Water Meter, Smart Door Locks - Keyless and Security Solutions, Ambience Designing and Audio Video Solutions.
Fibaro Delivers smart outlets and switches based on Z-Wave Technology for Homes - Wall Roller Shutter, Walli Switch, Walli Outlet Type E/F and more.
Gizmosmart Provides Home Automation space with Home Security System, Smart Power Plug, Remote Control and Multi-Purpose Security Sensors.
GM Modular Furnishes with various sets of panels and touch screens that automates the various activities of homes - control switching, ac control, dimming, curtain and many more.
GuWha Enterprises Caters smart products like Intelligent Switching, Smart Security, Analysis & Reports and features like remote access/control, Smart Scheduler etc.
Homatico Provides customized, integrated solutions which can voice control and moniter Home Appliances from anywhere.
Icosys Provides range of solutions like Smart Security, Smart Lighting, Smart Controller and Smart Sensor.
Legrand Enables home automation with various integrated products - Vantage Controls, MyHOME - Axolute and MyHOME - Arteor.
Mahavir Soundroom Automates homes with Luxury home cinema, Luxury Gadgets and Luxury Seating.
Netromics Automates homes with Fingerprint Doorlock, Video Door Phone, Burglar - Intruder Alarm etc.
Octise Caters to Home Automation space with 4 Node Smart Device, where switches can be connected to the device and work in-sync with the app.
Touch Lite Automation Caters to Homes with Multi-Room AV Design and Installation, Multi-Room High Definition Video Distribution Systems and Renovation into an Existing Room.
Turing Presents maintainance free cloud platform with free technical assistance and routine check up. Turing also comes with list of products - TR- IR Blaster, Turing Smart Lights, TR- PingMe Elite and...
Venba Tech Provides solutions for homes with lighting, Scenes, Blinds, Air Conditioning, Security, Intercom and more under one platform.