iBlink Smart Home Solutions: Making Home Automation Smarter and Operative in Just a Blink

CIO Vendor As consumer awareness of home automation is growing and expectations for interoperable and more affordable solutions increase,the mainstream segment of the home automation market is expanding rapidly. However, as Neeran Chibber, CEO,iBlink Smart Home Solutions, explains; traditional wired automation demands preplanning, expensive wiring, additional switches and extensive labour making automation a very exorbitant and arduous task.iBlink Smart Home Solutions, headquartered in New Delhi, is an established Indian MNC,offering turnkey solutions with the benchmark of International Telecommunication Union Standards in the field of wireless smart home automation.

iBlink has exploited the aggressive technology evolution and developed a wireless based automation solution which eliminates preplanning and expensive modifications. The company has indigenously developed this platform with multiple options and user friendly applications. Moreover,the company works exclusively in B2B segment to create USP for Telecom & Real Estate Companies.iBlink comes off as a clear market differentiator with an enhanced brand value through globally accepted hardware adhering international standards such as ITU and

Z-wave.Present growth of home automation solutions suggests the incoming of a massive swarm of device vendors of multiple wireless technologies in the near future. Not to get lost in the crowd, iBlink has steered safe by developing solutions agnostic to device and home appliance vendors.“iBlink platform is the bridge between a user and the sea of smart devices/appliances. This has helped us to offer considerably affordable,advanced and flexible Smart home solution”,adds Neeran.

The Edge of Being Device Independent
Technological fragmentation is one of the barriers of the smart home ecosystem, in which consumers need multiple networking devices, apps and more to build and run their smart homes.iBlink offers flexibility to customers by following a solution based on International standards which encloses more than 1000 different types of devices and manufactures across the world. Every device or brand is integrated on iBlink platform. This bestows the client with the freedom to choose multivendor devices/appliances such as lighting, climate related devices, entertainment system,cameras and sensors.

iBlink offers flexibility to customers by following a solution based on International standards which encloses more than 1000 different types of devices and manufactures

Smart City or Smart meter alone struggle to pro¬mote energy conservation or management until each appliance is attached to a smart device. iBlink electricity devices with energy meter enables customers to monitor energy at end pointi.e.the consumption point. iBlink’s M2M feature powers one machine to control other machines automatically to eventually save energy. Likewise, the company has already added multiple analytics capabilities in the solutions for better command and control of homes. iBlink endeavors to set foot in the arenas of artificial intelligence to integrate family members’ schedules,activities and calendars. Further, this venture motivates iBlink to incorporate more community services such as laundry services, grocery shopping and asset tracking into the company’s singular app.With enormous possibilities,iBlink Smart Home Solutions shows promises as it shapes up with the progress in the smart home domain.